Trullo Picoco is a property consisting of several structures (turrets) completely immersed in the Apulian countryside a few kilometers from the center of the picturesque Ostuni.
The turrets are rural stone dwellings typical of the area, finely restored, which offer a fresh interior, even on the hottest days, and their privacy and tranquility. Their location is strategic as around 10 km away are the marvelous beaches of the Adriatic Sea, and around 50 km from the Caribbean beaches of the Ionian Sea.
The house is situated in the countryside of Ostuni, land that is characterized by the presence of ancient olive trees, with fruit trees and a bio vegetable garden.
The different turrets are adjacent but separate: in the large tower there is a spacious kitchenette with sink, fridge and oven, a table and a double sofa bed; in the small tower there is a bedroom with double bed. The bathroom, very comfortable, is outside but still attached to the property, and there is also an outdoor shower with hot water.
In the space in front of the turrets there is a shady pergola and several relaxation areas with seating of various kinds.
Regularly connected to the electricity grid, the water supply exploits the presence of a large tank.
The complex is in compliance with building codes and urban planning

Property Features

  • Completely renewed
  • Olivenbäume