Ancient building complex, located in the countryside of Sava, in a historically and archaeologically important area, consists of a main house, several traditional structures present in the Apulian farms, “li curti”, and a large surrounding land. The main house, finely restored, consists of a large living / dining room with kitchenette and fireplace, a traditional bedroom with the structure completely “in sight” and a comfortable bathroom furnished with taste, for complex 70 square meters. All the rooms are decorated with traditional “vaulted” ceilings which increase their elegance and style. From an internal staircase, you access the terrace from which you can admire a splendid view of the Apulian countryside. The main apartment is equipped with electricity supply connected to the public network, a cistern for water supply and an imhoff pit for the drains. The second part of the complex consists of characteristic rural buildings “li curti”, “vaulted” structures, once used for the shelter of animals, agricultural tools and, in some cases, as a night shelter for the farmers. They are 7 environments that, properly restructured and modified the destination, could be used for a traditional receptive structure or, even, for an original location for the restaurant. The third part is represented by the surrounding land that measures about 13000 square meters, used as an olive grove with centuries-old plants, almost completely surrounded by monumental dry-stone walls and a rich cistern of spring water to which the peasants used to water the horses

Property Features

  • more than 100 Old Olive trees
  • 2 old Rustics